• Ryan McSparran

Getting Ready for Summer 2021 Opening

It's finally looking like spring here in Colorado. Snow showers have continued in the high country through April and May. But periods of warmer temperatures are beginning to melt the snowpack. Things are beginning to green up and flowers will be blooming before we know it. We're looking forward to our summer 2021 opening at Budge's!

We anticipate opening the lodge for business on June 21, 2021. That date may change, depending on snowpack and how quickly we can get the road open. But we're looking forward to welcoming our first guests of the year on or around the 21st!

It was a relatively easy winter in the mountains of Colorado. This is good news for our elk and deer herds. But we're happy to see a good amount of spring moisture over the last several weeks. Things will soon green up nicely in the Flat Tops Wilderness and throughout the surrounding area.

A mild winter, combined with lots of spring moisture spells good news for our fishing as well. Instead of a big blowout runoff when all the snow melts, we should have a nice slow and steady runoff this year. We anticipate excellent fishing conditions right out of the gate and through the summer months.

During the highest water periods at the end of June and into the first week in July, anglers should be prepared for cold water and high flows. Waders with warm layers are recommended.

But don't let the high water deter you - this timeframe offers excellent fishing opportunities. Prolific hatches of dry flies can be expected. When the water is high, fish are pushed to the banks and into the slack water, where they are relatively easy to reach. This time of year can also be a good time to swing small streamers through those deeper pools and channels.

As runoff subsides, anglers can expect great dry fly fishing to continue. Dry-dropper rigs will also be effective, as well as nymph rigs through the deeper runs. By mid-summer when the water is low and clear, it may help to get more stealthy with fly selection - smaller patterns can be effective especially when the sun is bright. But this is also when hopper and terrestrial fishing gets really good. Casting hopper and beetle patterns along grassy cut banks is a ton of fun!

We hope to see many of you here at Budge's this summer! If you have questions about fishing, horseback riding or cabin rentals, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help you plan a wonderful summer vacation and wilderness adventure in Colorado.

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